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Evangelist Barbara Lynch is always before the Lord, listening for His voice. When He speaks, she writes what He says, exactly as it is given. God prophesied long ago that He was going to be giving His people fresh manna from Heaven. Take, eat – for this is truly the Fresh Manna from Heaven.

Fresh Word – February 17, 2019 (#2)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Sunday Evening Service Prophetic Word from the sermon “Simplicity Of Heart” My Children must come to Me as little children.  No longer can you come to Me with your agendas and your flesh. You will never walk in the supernatural until you learn to come to Me with simplicity of heart.  Your heart must be […]

Fresh Word – February 17, 2019

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Sunday Morning AM Service Prophetic Word from the sermon “Throne Room Presence”. Revelation 11:12 (NKJV) 12 And they heard a loud voice from Heaven saying to them, “Come up here.” And they ascended to Heaven in a cloud, and their enemies saw them. My Children must come into My Throne Room daily so they will […]

Digest the Food at My Table – February 18, 2019

by Nancy Connell

My children, right now is a very strategic time in your walk with Me. I need you to digest the food that I have brought to the table for you to eat. Do not take what I have given to you lightly but allow it to completely go into your heart. I am giving very […]

Fresh Word – February 16, 2019

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

How close to the flame can you fly without being burnt? Too many of My children are taking unnecessary chances believing they have another day of grace to cover their sins; but that is not so. You need to quit flying close to the flame and you need to settle down and take your rightful […]

Healing – February 15, 2018

by Nancy Connell

My healing power is here and there is much healing to take place in My Body of Believers. The issue is that there has been too many people who have blockages in their souls that they are not getting dealt with. They do a thing here and there expecting instant change, but there are times […]

Fresh Word – February 13, 2019 (#2)

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

My children, you still have not learned long suffering as My Son Jesus did. I desire you to learn this day all about long suffering. You have to know that there are many out there that have never heard of Me and they live in strange and different places. You will need to know how […]

Fresh Word – February 14, 2019

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

DAY OF LOVE!  Today I send My Love to My Lovely Ones and I say BE LOVED this day and all the rest of the days of your life.  Do not be moved by your feelings or emotions today; but just be moved by My Agape Love.  A love that transcends all other loves.  It […]

Fresh Word – February 13, 2019

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Everywhere you look there is pain, darkness, and havoc.  I do not want not one of My children caught up in these things.  I need you to be alive in Me so I can send you forth to minister to the lost and dying. Each and every morning is alive with fresh new promises.  Come […]

Special Word – February 10, 2019

by Admin

Prophecy through Rev. Brett Connell. Question: What is the purpose in carrying your own cross unless you will eventually be crucified upon it? You must be crucified {die to self} before you can be born again into your destiny. There are many in the Body that abuse their cross by crucifying others upon it, and […]