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Evangelist Barbara Lynch is always before the Lord, listening for His voice. When He speaks, she writes what He says, exactly as it is given. God prophesied long ago that He was going to be giving His people fresh manna from Heaven. Take, eat – for this is truly the Fresh Manna from Heaven.

Fresh Word – October 17, 2018

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Daughter of Zion where is the one that fulfills all of your expectations? He sits in heavenly places far above all principalities and dominions of darkness. I am not a far off God. I am a God of the suddenlies and sometimes those suddenlies can come and blow your socks off. Now is the day […]

The Time Has Come – October 16, 2018

by Nancy Connell

My chariots are gathering together and My horses are lining up for one of the greatest milestones of history to take place. You are about to see one of the greatest events unfold. Even though I have spoken of this time to come and have been using My prophets and messengers to bring forth the […]

Fresh Word – October 16, 2018

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Oh My Precious, precious little ones. How I love you and how I would love to drape Myself over you and shield you from the wicked evil one. But I can’t do that. I need you active in My Kingdom to be about the Father’s business. But the one thing I can do is send […]

11 Reasons Why Christians Absolutely Should Not Celebrate Halloween

by Christopher Gore

Repost from Charisma News – October 12, 2018 1:00PM EDT 10/12/2018 Jamie Morgan Setting aside a day to celebrate evil, darkness, witchcraft, fear, death and the demonic brings disdain to God. Period. (Photo by from Pexels) Many Christians celebrate Halloween. Some churches and pastors even do. I recently saw a church advertising they were […]

Fresh Word – October 14, 2018

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

The purpose for the happy rejoicing songs is because My people have already won the war. I want them to be happy and rejoicing because the enemy is already under their feet. I want you to go forth unhindered in your walk with Me and complete each and every assignment I send your way. I […]

Fresh Word – October 12, 2018

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Breech of promise. My promises are yes and amen. Never do I ever go back on My promises; but I cannot say the same about My Body of Believers. They promise Me one thing, but do the exact opposite. Dreamers are everywhere; but I want My Chosen People to be more than dreamers. I want […]

Fresh Word – October 10, 2018

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Gathering of the clan is on the way. There will be many onlookers in the days ahead. Many will gather and stare and be in utter perplexity as they see what I am about to do. I am going to raise the eyebrows of the naysayers and I am going to surprise the multitudes that […]

Fresh Word – October 8, 2018

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

If and when are two things I hear very often from My children… If you are going to do this; then when are you going to do it. If I said it, then I will do it. There should never be if and when from My children’s mouths. I have been requiring total and complete […]

Prophetic word by Sis. Julie Betz – October 06, 2018

by Admin

Prophesy through Sis. Julie Betz Write these words for ears to hear. I will teach on these things; things that you should know for the coming days. I have told many to get their houses in order mentally,spiritually and physically those who heed My warning will fare better than others. I wish for all to […]

Turning Point – October 6, 2018

by Nancy Connell

I am taking My people in a new season and deeper level in My Heavenly realms of those who truly are seeking all of Me. I am going to reveal a lot in this hour of My Courts and bring a new understanding on how to utilize them properly and gain the correct results. The […]