This year that you are about to go into My children will be one of great victory and mighty battles.

Throughout this past year, I have been equipping you and training you to be able to defeat the giants in your life and in the lives of those you will be assigned to. You have crossed over into the promise land and promise after promise shall come to pass. Great freedom shall take place in those who press in and become determined in their hearts to believe in all that I have spoken. Restoration from brokenness and loss shall begin for those who heed My voice and no longer remain in the tombs.

You must stay in tune to My voice and get instructions from Me in what your next move is and where to take charge {fight} or to be still. Turn your listening ear to My voice and obey what I have spoken. Obedience is the key and essential in what I am about to do.

The test and the trials you have endured has been for the strengthening of your soul and to prepare you for what is ahead. You will see that the battles, even though they will be greater, will not have such a toll on you as it has in the past and you will continue to be able to be about My business without the setbacks.

This is the New Year where new beginnings will expand, ministries will flourish, and My Kingdom will house many souls that will receive healings and miracles in their lives and shouts of salvation will be heard across the land. This is the year that you shall see many prodigals come home and whole households be saved.

Open your hearts little ones and receive all that I have for you in this hour. This is the year of great blessings and maturity in My kingdom.

Request wisdom and knowledge from My throne room. This is necessary for the tasks that I will be asking you to accomplish. Do not get high minded to believe that you have accomplished these things. Keep pride far from you or you will fall.

Do not allow temptation to pull you off course but instead use My Word as a sword and destroy the enemy. Stand up and fight against him and all he throws at you. Put him back where he belongs which is under your feet.

There is so much to be accomplished and the Heavens are rejoicing as My Books of Heaven are beginning to be revealed and called forth. My Angelic Hosts are rising up in excitement for the assignments that they shall go into as you, My people have pressed in and have desired the deeper things in Me.

You will feel books, revelations, testimonies, sermons, and healing anointings rise up inside of you. Do not tarry or slack but walk into this anointing for there is much to be shared in this hour to the souls that are going to be sent to hear My Words. This is the time of the supernatural. My Word is going to come alive like never before and all of hell shall tremble as you believe in the Words that comes forth and walk them out. They will know that they will not have a hold on you any longer.

This is not the time to be wishy-washy. This is not the time to be lukewarm. For just as My Word says, it is better to be hot or cold because the lukewarm I will spew out of My mouth. If you are lukewarm you are double minded and I cannot use the double minded. Stability and endurance is the structure that must be set to go forth in what I am calling you to do.

Now is the time to get your feet firm and solid on My Son Jesus and never let go. Determine in your heart of hearts that you shall go forth no matter what comes your way. Let the fire that I have placed inside of you to come forth and as it burns inside of you and you go forth, the fire will continue to destroy all things that are impure inside of you, physically and spiritually.

The enemy would love to pluck off those who are not steady in Me and remove them from the vine. Anchor yourself in Me and in your salvation in Me. Let Me lead your footsteps and walk the path that I have placed before you. Do not be ones that ends up on the boundaries of the promise land or in fear of the giants. These giants will be defeated as each season occurs during this year in your walk with Me, but you cannot walk in fear.

The store house of heaven is opening wide and many things are going to manifest in your lives in ways that will go far beyond what you could have comprehended. Do not get caught up in the blessings but instead get caught up in My presence and be about My business.

Rejoice and see that this time of extending your tent pegs and moving the enemy out of the lands that I have promised you. This will be a year of great prayer and intercession. This will be a year of rejoicing and salvation and freedom. Your tent pegs must be extended to be able to receive all that I am giving.

So much will be revealed and much knowledge gained as you sit at My feet and allow Me to feed you all that I have to say.

Do not pay attention to the enemy and his distractions but instead come to Me and I will lead you in how to proceed.

I love you My little ones and My heart rejoices over you as much growth has taken place in your lives and even a greater growth spirit is about to take place. Take a stand in what I have called into your life or miss out in one of the greatest years that I have ordained to take place in My people’s lives. This is the year of jubilee. Embrace it and walk into it knowing who you are in Me and that you will conquer over the enemy on all sides. This is the time of My Great Moving. Are you ready to really step into the New Year that is here? Let go of the old baggage and step through the door of new beginnings, deeper walks, greater victories, and My jubilee blessings.