Salt Lamps Are Demonic Portals

There is a lot of talk about the salt lamps and there is a huge demand as well as intense advertising for these lamps and the benefits that they are believed to carry. They are believed to have health benefits, emotional benefits, as well as the power to ward off evil spirits.

These lamps are used in the New age healing product that people believe release negative ions when heated up by light and brings positive “energy” into your home. They are advertised to help with the radiation and the bad things that come from electronics and microwaves that can be harmful to you.

Having seen these in the stores, it has given an uncomfortableness in Pastor Barbara and my spirit man on what these lamps really are. There was just something about them that did not feel of God.

For a gift, Brett and I received one and immediately something really did not feel right to me about it. I had shrugged it off because I knew of others who had this in their home and the benefits they claim for it to have.

Once this lamp entered our home, I started seeing different things take place in my home. The battles became more and more intense. My marriage really took a strain. I watched my husband begin to struggle in ways that had been defeated before. The children were getting attacked on all sides. I couldn’t put my finger on was going on.

The ministry of deliverance was starting to feel hindered and studying became a real struggle. We had a hard time writing, hearing God’s voice, and was starting to wonder if we had lost the anointing or what has happened. This did not just affect those who lived in the home but also those who would visit or work here at the church.

During the deliverances themselves, God has been moving in miraculous ways and then immediately when we would come back upstairs to our home, an instant resistance took place. It didn’t make any sense, but we continued to pray and believe for an answer.

Brett and I went out for our anniversary and had a wonderful time, no hindrance, and things felt great and restored. As soon as we got home, it was like we made no head way and things increasingly got worse.

Still no answers of exactly what was going on, until one day before a church service, Pastor Barbara was telling me about a conversation she had with a lady in California who was telling her about these salt lamps and how they have been a portal for the enemy to transfer spirits and demonic activity in the home. She explain how it affected the young lady was asked to go pray in a woman’s home because there was such a demonic oppression and many things going wrong in the home. As the lady passed by three lamps in her home, the Holy Spirit revealed them as portals of the demonic realm. The moment they were removed out of the home and the home was cleanse, great freedom took place.

As soon as Pastor Barbara was finished explaining about this revelation, I admitted to her that we had one upstairs and immediately we had Brett get it out of the church. Pastor Barbara then explained to the rest of the congregation about these lamps before she started her sermon to make aware what these lamps were and what they are doing.

So much clarity took place when we found out what was going on. Since it has been out of the home, there has been continuous breakthroughs and it is like a blanket has been lifted off. As we are continuing to fix the consequences of the lamp being in our home, we are receiving more and more freedom and understanding.

These lamps are part of the new age and chi which is an occult life force energy. Its claim for the lamp is to balance the energy force within a man (his human spirit). The Word of God warns us to stay away from things like this that uses any type of energy as a healing source that is not based as Jesus Christ being the source of healing.

There are things that God has brought forth in this world to help us with the healing process of our bodies, for it is our job to take care of His temple – our bodies. There are things such as essential oils that help to naturally provide things that your body needs and are biblically based. Jesus Christ should always be the source of your healing and the focus on where the healing comes from.

As our Pastor has advised and as deliverance ministers it is advised that if you own these lamps that you should get them out of your home. The enemy will use things such as these as a portal to attack not just you but your family also.

It is advisable that you be very careful of those things that people claim to bring balance or focus your belief on something other than Jesus Christ, God, or the Holy Spirit in providing things that you need for healing. It falls into the same category as yoga and the mediation of clearing out your mind. Anything that distracts you from the Godhead is a deception of the enemy and should be avoided at all cost.

Within more research past what they want you to believe, the lamps are not large enough nor is the heat of the light great enough to make a huge impact or benefit as they claim for it to make. But more than this an understanding that the root of the belief of this lamp is occult and that in itself will carry occult spirits. This on its own is enough for the enemy to have an open road.

As this revelation has been brought to our attention, we wanted to make sure we share it with you. This could be an answer to some of you that may be experiencing these very things. Stay in tuned to the Holy Spirit as you allow things to enter your home. If your spirit man feels uneasy about something, nine times out of ten, it is not good and should be avoided.