Forever Faithful!  I am a forever faithful Father and I change not.  Much to be done in the coming days and so little time to accomplish everything.  We must be continually about My business and we must work together to accomplish each and every task that is set before you.  You must at all cost cast off the cares of this world and come unhindered into the throne room of grace and you must at all cost hear My voice loud and clear;  even though I speak in a still small voice.

Many challenges loom before My peoples;  but they can meet and defeat each and every one of them as they hold tightly to My hand of mercy.

Tough love has come upon the scene and I will not relent.  I will come after My peoples with tough love and they will either submit or quit.  I desire that you submit to your calling;  but I can’t make you submit.  That is a choice you must make.

Did I not give you a promise that I would never leave nor forsake you?  Well, I am not a man that I should lie and that promise still stands.

I love you.  Enjoy My Son’s Birthday!