Fear is something that is crippling and controlling My children and this should not be. I have given you a way to walk in perfect peace. I have given you the gift of peace and all you have to do is walk in it. When you walk in fear, you are saying that I am not enough. When you walk in fear, you are saying I am not great enough. Let go of this fear.

Fear opens the ways to doubt, anger, strife, and so many other paralyzing things of emotions and from the enemy. Fear comes from a lie of the enemy that keeps your eyes upon the circumstance and situations instead of believing what I have said. Let go of this fear by choosing to believe what I have said is the Truth.

Fear smothers faith. Fear strangles joy. Fear will take you places that I never wanted you to go.

Take My hand today and walk by Faith and not by fear. Choose to walk in the Peace of My Son and Our love for you. If you stay in perfect peace and in Our love, nothing that is going on will touch you because you will know that I have it all under control.

Close the door to fear. Open the doors of Faith and Peace that brings more opportunity to see My Hand at work in your lives.

This is a time of great blessings and promises that will break forth in your life. But you must let go of all things that are hindering you and allow Me to do these things My Way and in the correct timing. When you do this, things will fall into place just as I said.

Keep your eyes upon Me. Stay in My Secret Place and know that I embrace you in My Love and realize that Peace that surpasses all understanding is yours to have. This Peace is found in My Son and in all He has done for you.