Where the Eagles gather there I will also be. I am gathering My Eagles together at this very moment to bring forth this Great Revival of all church history. What is about to take place is so precedent that it will be talked about for years to come. Many books will be written about this wonderful time in church history.

Many church theologians will stand in awe with what is about to take place. My Generals in this army of Eagles know what it is to face adversity on all sides but never back down. These Generals know what it is like to be trodden underfoot by fellow soldiers; but they have stayed the course and now they are ready to bring forth the down trodden of this time and the ones that all have rejected.

I tell you a truth, church history is about to go over the top with signs, wonders and miracles. Watch and see! Taste and see that I am good all the time.

This great gathering has been prolonged so My church could get their selves in order; but I can wait no longer and what is — is; and what shall be — shall be.

I have spoken and so shall it be.