Prophecy through Rev Aaron Betz

Those that choose to follow Me are on the ride of their lives. Testimonies that were never supposed to be (because of the devil’s assault and his plans) will be.

I am making news in this time- the evil will not steal My headline. He can’t steal what he is not given, and I give him nothing. No ground. Not one square inch do I give the devil. He may try to take land and he does indeed do this, but as you choose to occupy the ground I have given you, he will be brought to nothing. Take back what the devil has taken from you. If you are occupying and you are aware of your spiritual territory, you can guard this land. Guard your jurisdictional responsibility. Guard your heart and guard what you let in your mind.

Do you realize the sovereign authority that you have when you are in Christ? When you are in Me you have every hall pass you would ever need. You have every cheat code and you have every key you could ever need. The key to the city is yours. Guard your gates; guard what enters you and let Me continue to shine in you – to illuminate truth and let you see things that you would have never imaged you could see. I am the one that brings light- I show you what’s really there.