My children – this is a season of great rejoicing and seeing great promises come to pass. This is also the time to see My Words manifest in many areas of the world. Be alert and prepared and listening to My still small voice. I will guide you and take care of you through all things. I have never left you nor forsaken you and I will not do that now. When I make a covenant it is forever.

There are many of you that will not reach out and take the blessings I have for you because you have talked yourself out of them. You allow your thoughts, actions, and emotions to take you for a wild ride and doubt the things that I want to do for you. Why do you cut yourself short? I own a cattle on a thousand hills and store house after store house in Heaven. Why do you think there are things that I will not do or give to My children when I have promised them that I will do it. Do not be one of those who sits back and watches others get blessed.

You are My beloved ones and I want to bless you in so many ways if you would just let down the wall of hindrance and the blockage of doubt and just receive.

I weep over you, My children because you are not seeing what I have placed right before your face. I have been showing Myself in so many ways but you are not seeing. You are too busy paying attention to you making things happen instead of leaving it in My hands. You allow the cares of this world to weigh you down. Let Me deal with those things. You just trust Me.

Get back to basics of loving Me and watch the rest take place. When you truly let yourself go in My love you will not doubt, question, or hesitate in what I am asking you to do.

Who said you cannot do the things I have placed in your bosom to do? Who said that the enemy is going to take you out before you see the promises come to pass? Who said?

I did not say these things. In fact if you would just allow the dance to come back into your feet and the song back into your heart, you would see a major breakthrough. If you would just enter into praising Me and worshiping Me instead of griping and complaining and trying to do all these things on your own – you would see breakthrough after breakthrough.

Grasp ahold of this time. Let Me bless you. Reach out and take what I have given you and walk in it. I am in the blessing business but it is up to you whether or not you will be blessed. Who do you believe? Whose power do you believe? Either you believe that I am the God of all the nations and of the universe and will do all that I said I will do or you believe that the enemy has more power and miss out. That choice My children is yours. Who will you believe? Who will you believe?