Prophecy through Rev Aaron Betz

The whole earth is waiting for My vengeance, My wrath as it has been spat upon by those I give it’s charge into. Adam was given the charge of the earth and all the inhabitants of it. Look around at the droughts, the plagues, and the misspent lives of my creation. Is this because I have dropped the ball? Is this because I make flawed creation?

This is because the reins I gave into the hands of man, he gave into the hands of the enemy. He gave into the hands of death and destruction; not only the fall, but the disobedience and unrepentant attitude of those who claim to be of Me. The hard hearted ones who do not desire change and do not look to Me as the finisher of the life that I long ago authored.

What is your life? What has is come out to be? I can right this path if you will let Me. I have written in the books many pages of which are not being used right now. Do not be a cause of My eraser- for it does not erase, it blots out.