In this time and hour I am restoring, revitalizing, and moving to great measures on the behalf of My faithful ones.

Those who have closed their hearts to Me and will not let Me in are going down a path of destruction and brokenness, but in the breaking process, beauty will be revealed. If not for them, for those who witness the breaking process.

Do not count the losses. Do not count anyone out for the count unless I the Lord your God has said it is finished and it is sealed.

Many are coming to My Courtroom and I am hearing each and every case. Justice will be served and those who have reaped a good harvest will receive a good harvest.

Those who have come before Me on their own behalves and have asked Me to place judgment for them to serve now, I am doing and granting them favor, grace, and mercy as they are humbling themselves before Me. They will find themselves repositioned in their place in My kingdom and you will see great transformation take place in a wink of My eye.

This is the time and hour that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. You will be very surprised on who is the last and who is the first in My eyes. You will not be surprised on what I do but how I do it. Get ready to receive My children.

Allow Me to work and bring forth the promises that I have spoken over your lives. For a breakthrough of promises are about to burst forth and great rejoicing will be heard across the lands that I take care of My children and that I do not abandon, but I receive all My children with open arms and that I provide for each of their needs.

Continue to come before Me in the courtroom. Continue to come before Me at the throne of Grace. Continue to walk in the 3rd Heavens realm and you will see that the chaos around you will not affect you but you will be in the surrounding of My love that will protect you from all harm. Before Me is where you will receive your answers and you will receive rest and peace that you are in desperate need of.