Each of us goes through different seasons in our lives. When we are married our spouse has to adjust to those seasons, just as we individually do. There are times that may come when your spouse is not walking in the same timing and season as you and that can make it more difficult. When a spouse is going through a tough time and does not communicate, it can cause you to feel lonely.

During these times it can be very confusing, disappointing, and hard to walk in the Truths of what you have been taught to do. You can try different things such as reading different books, getting advice, counseling, or whatever outside sources you may need, but sometimes it may seem that none of them seem to be making a difference. You may even feel that you and your spouse have become distant roommates.

This is the time that you have a choice to make. You can either run towards God or run away from God. To beat the feeling of loneliness, you really need to embrace the Heavenly Father, drawing closer to Him so that there does not become a void for the enemy to work in.

One of the greatest strategies of the enemy in a marriage is division. He will try to find the weakest link in your season to try to cause this division. If you are staying close to God, He will warn you of the intrusion of the enemy. God will give you a battle plan and will help you through each step that you may have to take, even the most difficult ones. Confrontation can be one of the trickiest and where self-discipline comes in handy.

When we notice that our spouse is struggling we should not be putting pressure on them to give us what we think we need at that time, but to find out what God is doing with your spouse. The truth is if they are struggling they may not be able to give us what we are looking for. Our dependency needs to be on God and not in man. It is times like this that we need to put ourselves to the side completely and be interceding for the spouse that is struggling and find out what God says about what will help your spouse come out of this season victorious.

There are times that God will have your spouse in a season that God is teaching them something and it is just between them and God. This is the time to give your spouse their space and focus on your own walk with God and pray for strength for your spouse to get through the season. This would be a good time to reflect on yourself of why you are feeling lonely and receive healing in any broken area that you have.

Sometimes a person needs their spaces so that they can sort out the issues that they are struggling with and take that time to find themselves so that they can become a better person to walk through this life with you. Sometimes that person needs you to embrace them through their good days and their bad days and your love will pull them out of the valley of discouragement. Sometimes the person may need to be confronted and draw back together with you.

Even Jesus needed to take time out for Himself as a way to strengthen Himself for one of the biggest assignments that He was going to have to face. At this time He needed His friends to be watching for Him and it was then that Jesus found out that they feel asleep on Him, not once but twice. It did bother Jesus but He did not dwell on it and did not allow it to stop Him from doing the works of God. (Matthew 26:36-56)

You never know exactly what is going on until you bring it to God the Father who knows all things. You may be surprised on what part you may have to do in this time and season.

Don’t be afraid to ask God what you are to be doing in this season and go forward with God. As you hold up your spouse before God, He will be able to direct you in what to do until you and your spouse are side by side again. Fight for your marriage and for your spouse. It could be you that God uses to bring them right up from a valley or pit that they had fallen in or it could just be between them and God. Whichever the case may be, do not underestimate what God can use you for, even when you least expect it or feel it.