My children, where is your focus? I desire that you really observe the things that you are focusing on and choose to relocate your vision upon Me and the plan that I have for your life and not where you perceive that you are at in the moment.

You have been walking blindly in the situations and circumstances in your life. You have allowed the enemy to steal your hope, your joy, and draining you from My love. You walk in fear, anger, and doubt. You have allowed your view of Me to become dark and skewed because you are choosing to live in the reality of the enemy and not the reality of the Truth.

You must let go of what you think you have control over and turn it over to Me completely. You must let go of the lies of the enemy and grasp My truth. The truth will bring you alive and bring you to the place that you desire to be. True change will come when you choose to believe in what I say and who I say you are. The path you are heading down is dark and will lead you to more misery. The choice is ultimately yours.

I offer to you a life and abundance of all you could ever need. I have the peace that you are searching for, but I cannot force you to take anything that I have to offer.

I have many doors of opportunity that I want to open for you but you must choose to get out of this misery valley and choose to climb up into the identity that I have for you and walk among the living once again. I have every key that you could ever need. But you must receive them and put them in the key hole, turn the key, and open the door. I will never force Myself upon you.

Come out of the pit of despair and valley of misery. Come up into the freedom and celebration of life. Come up here with Me and learn to live again. Break out of the past once and for all and come alive in Me.

Your breakthrough is here, but you have to grasp it and walk in it. All I have promised you is still right here, but if you walk away from it today then I will know that you have chosen that you do not want it. If you do not want the things that I have given you or want to give you, then I will take My gifts and give them to another. This is not My desire, but it all depends on what you decide. What kind of life do you want?

Observe what you are focusing on and ask yourself this, where is it leading you? There is so much that I want to do and enjoy with you, but if you do not choose to put behind you the path of misery and walk in the light of the Truth and My love then there is nothing that I can do. The choice really is yours.

This is the time and hour where you have the choice to take what I have to offer and walk in the life that I have placed before you or you can turn away and take the path of darkness. I do not want to lose a single one of you My children and it breaks My heart that some of you will choose to walk away. Search yourself today and really look at what you may be giving up and what you really are choosing to lose.

What will you choose to focus on and where will you walk? The choices you make will be your answer on what kind of life you want to live.