My children, My hand is extended and I am ready to take you through the basics, the fundamentals of My Word. There are pieces that you are missing because you refuse to walk in pure faith. You choose to believe the bad, but why not the good? Does My Word not say think on the things that are good?

For you to become well rounded in My kingdom you need to allow the cracks in your foundation to be filled. The weeds of false understanding needs to be pulled up. I have been tilling and fertilizing the grounds that I desire to grow much wisdom and knowledge in that I am descending down upon you from My scrolls in Heaven. But if there are cracks in the foundation then there is room for the harvest to be defiled and tainted by the enemy.

You would be like a sieve full of holes and unable to hold onto the things that I desire to give you.

Instead of fighting with Me to convince what I say to you is not the way it is, fight to know the Truth. Release yourself into faith and walk in it. Let go of your own understanding. It is suffocating the very life out of you.

Take My hand today. Grab ahold of it tightly and let’s take a journey through My Word. Let’s really dive into what I say about faith and the way that you should believe. Let go of the weights the enemy is placing on you. Let go of the millions of questions that plague you each and every day. And just breath in Me one breath at a time.

Take My hand and receive peace that all is well. I am working and all that I promise you shall come to pass. Live each day to its fullest. Do not let one day go by that you have not seen beauty in the making. Do not let one day go by that you do not reach out and touch the lives around you through Me.

Put away your own plans and get before My face. Ask Me what I want you to do and how to do it. Quit trying to control and manipulate life to do what you want. Give it to Me and rejoice in it. Laugh, dance, and be merry. For My love is upon you and clothes you each and every day. See each day for what it is and that is a gift from Me.

Get back to the basics little ones. Get into My Word and see all that I have to say to get your foundation strong. Then and only then shall the things that I am placing in you be used as building blocks for others to use as an example of who I am and what I am about.

Use each day My children to become more like Me and to let your light shine for all to see. Quit expecting man to give you what only I can give you. When you come to this conclusion and let go of the fear of not having control, a freedom that you can’t even imagine at this time will take place and a thrusting into the work field for My kingdom.

Change after change will take place and life as you know it will be no more. Simply because you choose to fill in the cracks and walk the journey that I have laid out before you in My Word. Then and only then will you really be full of joy because you will be secure in who you are in Me and all that I am capable of doing in your life and what man is doing will concern you no more. Be about My business and I shall be about yours. Stay with the truth and thinking upon the things of Me and see that it is good.