You cannot measure My love for you. No ocean nor sky can come close to the length or depth of My love. The awesome wonder of the mysteries of the galaxies can begin to describe what I am about to reveal. The beauty of all the earth and every living thing cannot describe what I have been preparing for you.

This is the season of great beginnings and new life. This is also the season of the great falling away. The removal of things that have brought hindrances and stagnation. Let them become removed so that you can flourish in all the new life I am placing around you.

Open your eyes and see all that I am doing. There is no room for doubt. You only doubt because you do not open your eyes to see. I have touched your lives every moment of every day. Every breath you breath in, I have provided for you. Let go of all fear and worry and see that My mighty is moving. Open your eyes to see that I have even given you a sunrise and a sunset to show you a piece of beauty that awaits for you in Heaven.

You are My beloved. You are My love. Just wait and see, all things are busting wide open just as I promised. Just wait in My love and open your eyes and you will begin to see that seasons has changed and life as you have known it will be changed.