What are you willing to lay down for Me?

There are things in your life that you are holding on to, believing in what it can do or will not do for you. You are holding Me at arm’s length.

I want you to lay down your walls of guilt, frustration, and doubt. I want you to let Me in and give you what you need. I want you to lay down the world and pick up My eternal acceptance into My Kingdom. I want you to lay down your sin and pick up My righteousness. I want you to let go of the curse of this world and walk in My blessings. I desire all these things and so much more, but you have to be the one who will lay it down.

What will you lay down at the cross today? I want all of you so that you can have all of Me.

At what cost, will you have to pay for your sin? Please My little ones, do not allow it to cost your soul in a place of torment for eternity. I weep over the decisions that you have been making and flirting with the idea that you have time to get it right.

Let go of your sin and be wiped clean. Walk in My love and complete freedom and then you will see that the picture that the evil one has painted is not appealing to the eye, but is full of destruction that will lead you straight to the eternal flame of My wrath.

Turn from your sin and lay your life down to Me today. Pick up your cross and your life into eternity with Me. My arms are open wide waiting for you to come inside.


I wept as God gave me this Word today. God’s heart is truly breaking for those who confess to be a child of His and who work in His House, but does not give up their sin.

There are so many people in the church who think that they still have plenty of time to get it right because of their prophetic words and all the things God told them that they will get to do. They believe that the sin they have committed has not killed them yet so that means they are getting away with it. They believe because God has not taken them from their positions that He has them in at the moment that they are getting away with their wayward ways. This is further from the truth.

The fear of God must be a part of your walk with God. Sin has a very high price; and ask yourself, are you really willing to pay for that sin? Is it really worth your home in heaven?

Please do not walk in the deception that tomorrow is promised to you. The Word says that only God knows when our time is up. I am admonishing you today to please get out of your sin and turn to God completely before it is too late.