I am opening up the Heavens and this is the time of great instruction and divine wisdom. It shall be poured out on those who have truly emptied out their hearts before Me.

Open up your eyes and ears to see and hear what I have to say to you. Believe in what I say and do these things. Walk under My open heavens and put the enemy where he belongs – under your feet. Get ready to receive all that I have to say so that you do not get caught off guard to what is about to happen, both good and bad.

There is so much to be done and this is not a season to slumber. You must stay alert and in tuned to My voice.

Obedience is necessary in this hour. As you do those things that I have told you to do, then you will be open to receive all that I have spoken.

The storms are fierce and the wars are raging. But it is as you focus upon Me and stay in My arms that you shall find peace and security no matter what is the enemy throws your way.

Suit up for battle. Stand firm upon My Love. Do not allow the enemy to persuade you to the right or the left. Stand up to him toe to toe and send him to flight. When you believe that I am more than enough, you will see that the power the enemy has had over you will cease.

As you grow deeper in love with Me, the more your fire will burn. It will carry you through each task that I place upon you to do.