Woe to those who are speaking with unclean lips and speak falsely in My name. My wrath has been aroused and My judgment is here.

The sword is drawn. I will cut down those who have planted themselves in My house and are causing spoiled fruit. I am pulling up the roots and burning out the chaff. Purity and holiness is what I require.

I will not tolerate evil running and reigning to destroy what I am bringing into My house. I am cutting out the false, and you shall see My chosen ones rise up with My mighty hand. The enemy shall fall and those who have stayed close to My heart will see all My promises come to pass. Vengeance is mine and you will see that I bring forth exactly what I say.

Yield your lips unto Me. Do not speak in any language words that are not of Me. Walk the walk that you teach and that you say from your lips or stay silent. My judgment is falling and many will be brought up short.

Do not get involved in what I am about to do those who have not yielded. Do not get caught in the cross fire.

I will not be mocked. I have said all that I am going to say. I am not going to warn any longer on this matter. Those who have come against My anointed ones shall pay the price of sin and will see that I am not a God of empty words.

The sword is drawn and the cutting has begun. Purify your lips or fall under the wrath of My hand. Enough is enough. I have drawn the line in the sand. I am removing the false teachers and bringing in those with a pure heart and words of Truth and the great turn around has begun. I will not have the souls that I am bringing in destroyed and slaughtered. I will not have My faithful leaders be railroaded with the hate any longer.

My house will be a house of love and peace and full of Me. Run into the safety of My wings because the sword is drawn, and I will not relent until My house is where I want it to be. All sin will be exposed and one of two things will happen, repent and turn from the wicked ways or be charged with the price of sin, which is death. It really is your choice.

Choose this day whom you will serve. Either I am your God or you have turned your heart to baal. The choice is yours.