Soul Invaders Roaming Freely?

Greetings Lighthouse Members,

What an amazing few days we’ve had here because of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We met with a young woman who was experiencing witchcraft attacks on several levels. She explained to us that while she means well and loves God, she’s having a hard time fighting thoughts and feelings that are not of her own character or nature. The oppression has become thick – and she reached out for help.

And I’m glad she did; God revealed to us that there was a spiritual yoke of bondage around about her that was causing this torment and oppression in her mind, which was aided by demons. What I saw in the spirit resembled how an egg yolk stays within the “white” part no matter how it gets moved or jostles around. In the same manner, a cloud of darkness was around her and moved with her everywhere she went – but in that cloud was the soul fragments and mind fragments with ungodly cords and ties connected to her mind.

God led us to sever those cords and cast off the mind fragments and soul invaders of her ancestors – and to cast out the demons that utilized this dark strategy. Amazing that even after having passed physically, the minds, wills and emotions of the deceased relatives still lingered and were attacking her through means of witchcraft.

After generational curses were broken, and dedications with demons by ancestors were renounced, the spirits were cast out and the soul invaders removed to bring about healing and restoration within her soul. We also discovered that some of her own family members had unknowingly yielded themselves to demonic forces to attack and come against her. This is the importance of being saved, covered in the Blood of Jesus, and to have sanctification of the heart. There cannot be sin in the home – or else the devil has legal grounds to invade and oppress.

It is worth researching deeper into the realm of soul fragmentation and how it affects our atmosphere – as God recently revealed to Pastor Barbara that soul fragments can float around in the atmosphere and linger in various places. Are these affecting us adversely? Can they enter into us simply by visiting a building or going to a particular place? Are they able to seek out hosts for themselves? And how can we protect ourselves from this threat? The start of the solution is to live holy, stay in God’s presence and keep ourselves covered in the Blood of Jesus while seeking God each day for direction and instruction.

Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Church Inc. Deliverance Team


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