There are some coming on the scene who are going to try to get you to second guess who you are in Me and what I have called you to do. Do not allow your faith to waiver but stay strong and stand firm in the calling I have placed on your life. I have called you and I have equipped you for such a time as this. The enemy wants you to quit but I say not on My watch.

There are many who are walking on the path of jealousy because of their own insecurities and constant need for validation. They do not look to Me as their sustainer but they are quick to use My name to accomplish what they want and to make themselves look good. They are not concerned on what they are doing to My name and this grieves Me greatly. They pretend to be humble until real humility is needed. That is when it is time to put their selves to the side and serve another.

Do not pay attention to those who want their horns blown and exalted above all others. Those who are going out of their way to do things that is not theirs to do simply to bring honor and attention to their names are ones with hidden motives and agendas. They may not say with their mouths that they do not like what I have My faithful leaders doing but in their hearts are lingering dark secrets that will be exposed and brought into the light.

I will not have those who are self-seekers to destroy My anointed chosen vessels of honor. The time has come of pulling the plug and revealing My Glory though those who have not hesitated to sacrifice.

My beloved children do not get caught up in these messes. If you have been guilty of self-seeking, repent, and do it no more. Pride cannot have sway over your life as the outpouring of My Spirit breaks through.

Church is not going to be the same again. My Spirit is going to flow and those who will not yield to it will be driven out by it just as demons tremble at My presence so will those who have hardened their hearts to My ways. I will not allow anyone to stop what I am doing.

This great outbreak of My Spirit is going to bring a life changing change. Much is going to be exposed and the fear and respect of My house and who I am will enter back into My church. Reverence for My presence will ring in the walls again and visit after visit of My angelic hosts shall appear and give great wisdom to those who are listening and in tuned to My presence.

The prophetic is going to be taken to a deeper depth and a higher level and great freedom and restoration is going to take place. I will be able to flow like a river and bring life back to those who have been so dead and undone.

My beloved ones you have been feeling the fire burning inside of you and it will ignite when this wave takes place. Do not come to My church looking for a show, but come expecting lives to be changed and lessons that will carry you in the days to come.

So let go of the self-seekers. I have it all under control. I know what it will take to get their attention. You enter into My Glory realm and see that all is about to unfold just as I have promised. This will be a fire that will never be put out again. You have not seen anything yet.

It is not going to be sing a few hymns, standing behind the pulpit giving a message, giving a ministry or two, and go home. This will be a true test on who really wants Me and will allow Me to change their lives and who is just playing church. Watch the fruit and see My Working hand. Shake the dust off your feet of those who do not change and leave them in My hands. There is a works to be done. And it is timeā€¦ IT IS TIME!

Do not put Me in a box! Let Me flow and see My salvation take place and new lives form. Out of the ashes you will see beauty once again. This is the time of great promises to come to pass. Oh My Beloved children, I have not left you. I have not forsaken you. I have not forgotten all that I have spoken to you and you will see it all come to pass.