I am stirring up the fires and the sparks are beginning to glisten in the eyes of My saints. I have thrown the kindle on the fire to get the flame going. Now I am about to throw on the logs of supported faith.

My voice is going to be very clear and will be full of much information at this time that will bring insight to what is going on and save many, many souls. I am testing My saints at this given time on what they will do with the fire that I have started. If they will welcome the log that I am ready to throw on the fire then much will be received.  To keep the fire going it must be stirred up and stoked in My presence.

Without My presence the fire will go out and the hearts will go cold. You will see many people’s fires go out but do not be concerned with this. They will have to go through this cold period to see that they truly cannot do anything without Me. This will be a time of loneliness that they will find a new depth in Me that they will never turn from again. Or they will reject Me forever and their hearts will become complete stone. The choice is theirs little ones.

Those who allow My fire to burn and listen closely to My voice they will receive volumes upon volumes of My Words and instructions. They will have hearts so on fire that they will ignite fire into those who are cultivating their hearts to receive the fire.

Just as I used the burning bush to speak to My servant Moses to get his attention, I am going to use My servants as a burning torch. I will use them to speak volumes of truth that will burn up the sin and flesh that is in their lives.

I have many things in My Word that I have done with fire. You will notice that I used fire to lead My people. I used fire to bring a sign and wonder to the world. I used fire to destroy cities of sin but it also began a new beginning for My people. I used fire to talk to many and to get their attentions. This is only the beginning of what I have to show you about My fire.

Do not become one of those who have grown cold and have rejected or neglected My fire. Instead seek Me and watch how much I will build up the fire I have inside of you and just what I will do with it is still to be told.

Learn of My nature, character, and who I really am. Get into My Word and see who it says I am. When it clicks inside of you who I am and what I am about, you will feel your fire become a torch to light the way to bring others in and to shine so bright in My fire that you will no longer be seen. Only the great I am.

It’s fire time. It is time to be on fire for Me and the things of My kingdom. Rejoice and become inflamed with My fire. Let us send the enemy running with all that will come of My fire.