Father, what is it?

There is a rumbling in the mulberry bushes little one and you are about to see much devastation all across this land. Tell My peoples to get ready… take up their swords… and follow Me with all their being. This is the battle of the ages. This is the battle for all those lost souls out there that are struggling to stay alive. This is the battle for the souls of many that are marked for My Kingdom. This is it little one; this is the battle that Amos and Joel speak about. This is the end time battle. Strike up the marching orders. Give My people a Holy Alarm that this darkness is spreading fast all across the continent of the United States of America. My chosen people are in danger and the enemy is devouring on all sides.

They will not look up and they keep continually leaning on their flesh for their understanding and how many ways can I say: My ways are not your ways? I have given My all and now you must warn them; for I cannot hold back the curtains of time any longer. This event must take place. It has a purpose and it is in line with My plans for this dispensation of time.

Mark My Words and lean not to your own understanding ever again. This is a spiritual battle that has been planned throughout the ages and now it is implementation time. Gross darkness everywhere… where are the lights that are supposed to dispel the darkness? Where?