It is restitution time. It is time for you to get back all that has been stolen from you. I have paved the way. I have given instructions on how to partake of this time. All you have to do is believe and receive once obedience is complete.

If you do not receive at this time it will be because you have not done your part. I am opening up the Heaven’s and have given My angelic host assignments to retrieve all that has been stolen to those who have been obedient. They have been given instructions to aid those who are fighting to gain back all their stolen properties and promises and done their part.

The angels are waiting. Lineup Children of Mine, lineup. It truly is receiving time. All that has been taken shall be restored in this season as you become lined up in the receiving line.

I love you and I rejoice with you. This is a wonderful time indeed for great rejoicing and dancing because more than what was stolen will be returned including unanswered and lost prayers.