You have to relinquish the control over those things you feel you have control over. You cannot go against another’s will. You cannot make a person react, respond, or become what you think they should be or do. You cannot force another to serve Me or to do what is right. This is not being a witness for Me!

I am a God of Love. My love does not depend on whether or not you are good or bad. It is there for eternity. Too many confuse My anger with My love. They think because I am angry with them that I do not love them and this is not so. Throw these lies far from you and see the truth. My love is not going to waiver from you.

My children, you still do not understand My love and all the facets of it. I have taught you and shown you over and over but you still have not grasped that there are so many forms and ways to love. Do not be narrow minded and allow the enemy to destroy what love really is. He does not understand love because he cannot have it. But he does understand the power behind it and that is why he is trying to destroy it at every side.

Quit pushing people to the cross and love them to the cross. You will see that as you share Me through your actions and your words you will see that My love will bring them to My loving arms. Give them My Word and My truth and then let them do the rest. When you step back you will see that when you let go of the control and the desire to push those things will fall into place more quickly. The hindrance of yourself will be removed and then I have the space I need to bring forth My will.

Read My Word and all the truth of My love to become so real to you, that you truly will be the love vessels I have called you to be, just like My Son.