Greetings Lighthouse Members,

We have just witnessed the biggest resurrection that I have seen in years, as Jesus literally lifted this precious woman out of the tombs of despair and defeat.

Her ministry was going strong, many were being healed by Jesus and things were going well until the level of satanic witchcraft had peaked against her and her ministry. High level witchcraft, strange suicides and suspicious deaths taking place around the various churches in the area, as well as family members of the leadership. Mutilated carcasses of animals found on her property, satanic rituals, even people in authority under the influence of demonic witchcraft.

All of these things piled on high over the years wore her down and eventually disabled the healing ministry. But the witchcraft didn’t stop, and after 8 years she had been bed-ridden and unable to move freely. Infirmities and physical illness crippled her, along with deep hopelessness and depression. She would sleep for 3-4 days at a time, barely seeing any hope for a future at all, let alone one with God.

God used a friend of hers and other people here and there to minister to her to come forward for deliverance and healing. After some time, she finally arrived in the place God wanted her in and He moved mightily upon her life.

Deep wounds were healed and many fragmented soul parts went to Jesus and was restored to a sound mind. God destroyed the demonic powers within her, broke curses, rebuked generational spirits and sent them all to the pit. Many demons lodged in her brain, the four lobes, the pineal gland and other regions of the mind were all cast down into the pit in Jesus’ name.

The anointing was strong and thick, it almost appeared as though there was a fog or a haze in the Sanctuary! She felt great after the session, full of life and hope… but the real testimony came later through a phone call.

She called to tell us that her vision has been healed and restored, that all the pain in her body has vanished – she can now jump where before she couldn’t, her knees bend full range of motion and there’s no back pain. Even her one leg that was shorter than the other has supernaturally grown out to match the other! Her husband is ecstatic! Her kids are in shock! She even went out to dinner to eat, instead of being bedridden and in gloom!

This is totally Jesus. Now she has the fire and passion of the ministry deep within her, burning and coming back to life. Total resurrection power of Christ is upon her! It was a true blessing to witness this and be a part of God’s master plan. Praise the Lord, and thank you Jesus!

Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Church Inc. Deliverance Team