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Special Word – June 3, 2020

by Admin

Prophecy through Rev. Christopher Gore from the Wednesday evening teaching The Church Under Attack – The Weapon Of Socialism My Church has not done this, and this is why they are losing this battle to the antichrist. Children you must understand that I am for you and not against you. You must understand that your […]

Special Word – May 30, 2020

by Admin

Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz This is the day that I desire to bring you all into My Innermost Parts children. I am wooing you- nay I am calling you by name into the Innermost Chambers of My Heart. I have a feast prepared for you at all times in the presence of your enemies. […]

Special Words – May 18, 2020

by Admin

Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz Children now is the hour for confrontation. All of the bad things will have no hold on you as you continue in the way I have made before your feet. True, there will be stumbling blocks but you can remove these stumbling blocks- all of them- out of your way […]

Fresh Word – May 11, 2020

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

Perceive you not that I am with you and I have never left nor forsaken you?  Yes, I have called you up hither into My throne room because you are ready to receive instructions from your Father of all lights.  My arm never becomes too short to reach My Chosen Vessels of Honor.  When I […]

Special Word – May 7, 2020 (#2)

by Admin

Prophecy through Sis Julie Betz Child, you have My words. My words are from My heart. You have My promises. My promises are from My heart. Oh, but evil is brewing upon the earth. Come child of Mine and listen. They are planning their next attack upon My people. The next will be more deadly; […]

Special Word – May 5, 2020

by Admin

Prophecy through Rev. Aaron Betz Children I am an odds defying God. This is who I am. I make lemons into lemonade and I make rocks into lemonade. I can undo all things that were put into motion and I can bring into motion the things that no one sees coming. Watch as I march […]

Special Word – April 8, 2020

by Admin

Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz Peace My child, My Peace be upon you. Come My child write My words for ears to hear. Your prayers today will surely be displayed in My Heavens to fall upon the earth. Speak child of these things to come. Granted the earth will shake of My coming but the […]

Fresh Word – October 8, 2019

by Pastor Barbara Lynch

I tell you a truth little ones – time as you know it is surely running out.  You dilly dally with this and with that, but you leave the weightier things behind you.  Why do you not love My Word now as you did in the first. It is surely time to return to your […]

My Season of Retribution, Charity Begins In My House

by Christopher Gore

I am beginning My season of retribution for those who have rejected Me, for those who sit in My house and still think that they have time to play the fool.  I am a Righteous Judge and all who know Me will see My righteousness come forth in this next year like never before.  The […]