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Parents have the right to protect their young children from dangerous and inappropriate sexual content.

And they especially have the right to post their concerns on social media without a military and law enforcement response.

BARBARA, today we’re going to need your help to protect parental rights and the First Amendment in a court of law.

Our client Angela Reading is the mother of two young daughters in North Hanover, New Jersey.

When she saw that a district elementary school had put up posters in the hallways made by children as young as nine using words like “polysexual,” “pansexual,” and “genderqueer,” Angela was horrified.

She expressed her concerns to a school board member, a parent of one of the children who created the posters, and even the superintendent of the school.

When she was dismissed by all of them, Angela took to Facebook to alert other parents about the disturbing posters.

Her post didn’t violate the law or even the rules of Facebook.

Yet what happened next was an intimidation campaign against her by a high-ranking military official and local law enforcement.  

It started when Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling of the nearby Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst took issue with Angela’s post, claiming it raised “security concerns” adding that the joint base was working with local law enforcement to “monitor the situation.”

But it got even worse when the North Hanover Police Chief Robert Duff reached out, personally pressuring the parent who administered the Facebook group where Angela had made her post to remove Angela’s comments.

When she learned of these actions, Angela was shaken to her very core by military and police involvement, and she feared for her safety and the safety of her daughters.

BARBARA, we’re not leaving her to fight this battle on her own.

It’s clear that the radical left wants to scare every single parent in America into keeping quiet about the inappropriate sexual agenda being pushed on very young children in our public school system.

And most people don’t have the resources on their own to take on legal battles to fight this abuse of power.

Angela put the simple facts of the case best herself:

“I didn’t think my 7-year-old was age-appropriate to be exposed to words such as polysexual and pansexual…it’s really scary that in this country we can’t have a right to speak and raise concerns about our public education system.”

The left is using a similar sort of intimidation and government weaponization that we saw with Mark Houck’s case to make an example of Angela Reading, and you and I cannot stand for it.

Except instead of pro-lifers this time, it’s every parent in America who’s under attack.

I hope I can count on your support and prayers as we fight this battle for free speech and parental rights.

The freedoms we hold dear as Americans depend on it.


Tom Brejcha

Tom Brejcha
President & Chief Counsel

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