Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family,

We wanted to pass this vision and word that Sis. Nnedimma Nwoka had.  Please read and take this into your Spirit man.


The Lighthouse Inc., Church

“I wanted to share one more thing with you that God has slowly been revealing to me over the years but has only just brought to revelation. These were all dreams over the years coupled with God giving me understanding of Revelation 12.

He has shown me He has not forgotten the tribes of Israel and is sealing them as the 144,000.

They will compromise of men and women and 144,000 is not the final number. Only men are counted in the number just as in Scripture when they would take a census i.e. Exodus 12:37. He will send angels to carry them to a place of safety that no one can access except by God. They are the ones spoken of in Revelation 12:6. It will be a place where they are 100% safe and inaccessible. And God will send angels to take them to that place. In my recent dream about this, I saw them behind a clear dome in all white and it looked like they were training. In the centre of where they were was a statue I can only describe as “wisdom”. Behind the dome, I saw an ark of the covenant but it looked nothing like what I’ve seen on Google search. The cherubim had four faces and I was frightened but intrigued and wondered if it was the real ark from Heaven.

My older sister and I were invited to go and given a Scripture that was unique to each of us. I forgot mine when I woke up.

In another dream, after witnessing the destruction of New York via aliens from a safe place no one has access to, the man who saved us all told he we had to “return to work”

The 144,000 will return to do a work in the End Times. I do not know the full extent of the work.

I’m sure I sound a bit insane but I thought to share this as well given what it’s about. If you and Evangelist Barbara have the bandwidth, I ask that you please also take what I’ve shared with you up to God.

– Nnedimma Jessica Nwoka