Time to Give Thanks!

There is always time to give thanks.  For this Thanksgiving Season I want you to reflect on the goodness of the Lord.  I want you to reflect on the things that could have happened but did not.  Some people had Covid, some who had Covid are not with us today.  All of us have had extreme stresses in our finances but we are still here.  Look at the love of God and look at what He does for each of His Children.

Today can you really, truly say, “God, I thank you?”  Thank you God for the Job experience that carries me through over and over and over again. I thank you that you put me through these Job experiences because it’s making me be the man or woman of God that you need me to be.  You’re making me the strong tower that I have to be so that the enemy does not take me out.

As you are surrounded by your family and friends, remember those who don’t have family and friends.  In this Thanksgiving Season always remember that God is there for you.  He is the Alpha and Omega. He finished everything in your life.

From my family to yours…

Happy Thanksgiving

In Christ

Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch