Greetings Lighthouse Inc., Church Family,

We want to say thank you for your patience as we root out the demonic influences that have been attacking the livestreaming. We know that God has spoken through us to meet the needs of the people.

The prophetic messages that have been coming forth from Pastor/Evangelist Barbara Lynch are key messages to help you fight against the darkness that has been sent into this time period. We know how important it is for the livestream to be consistent and with good quality sound for you to be able to partake of what God is doing and saying.

This being said… we apologize for the technical difficulties that have occurred over the past month. The encoder died and God blessed us with a new one. Our facebook connectivity was then attacked. Now the enemy is messing with the volumes on the livestream.

We are actively working to keep the stream consistent and available for you to watch. Our team is constantly monitoring the livestream to look for glitches during the services. We want things to run smoothly so you can receive the maximum anointing that God has for you.

We are striving for excellence but sometimes the enemy just persists in his attacks. Paul was given a messenger of satan to buffet him… we will not be persuaded to quit. We are going to prevail because God has ordained it.

If the stream goes down, we do place our back up video on youtube as soon as humanly possible. You can follow us on Youtube by clicking here.

Thank you for loving us through this test.


The Lighthouse Inc., Church