Years ago I heard my Lord say to me, “Bring them to the Throne and leave them.” I always thought this was when I prayed for someone and then lead them to God’s Throne. Today as His words came to me I wanted to know in depth what those words meant. Then I wondered if it’s when I lead someone to the Lord for salvation. Lead them to the Throne where God will minister to them.

I think of how many times I’ve been led to the Throne of God by His precious Holy Spirit. I’m sure more times than I can count. There is where I feel so loved and not condemned. God does not condemn His children. He corrects them but never to break His children’s spirit. God is love and He wins us back to Him with love, not harsh words.

So I can only imagine what it will be like to walk into the Throne of God when I enter into Heaven. My greatest desire is to see Jesus face-to-face and live with Him, my Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit forever. I want my family and all God’s children to enter into the gates of Heaven and abide forever.

There are the uncertainties that we hear preached or spoken to us that can make us feel so insecure of our walk with God. Our answer lies in the Word of God. Everything we need to know, we can find there. Communing with God and listening for that still, small voice will bring us back to the security of His free gift of salvation. It is not a cost to us because Jesus paid the cost. A debt that we could never pay.

If you truly love Jesus, your heart will be to please Him and Father God. His great love covers a multitude of sins. All your sins are covered with His love and washed away by the His. Love for Jesus will connect you to Him forever.

So why do I need to take people to the Throne of God? Because there is where they will begin to know God personally. There is where they will feel His comfort and love as their God and Heavenly Father.
Today’s a great day to visit the Throne of God. Why? Because Jesus made the way and the veil was ripped that separated you from God. Jesus’ great sacrifice did this for you. No longer will you be separated from God Almighty.

Take the time and enter into the Throne Room of God. Sit quietly and wait on God. You will be surprised at what you were find. God is waiting and He is waiting with open arms. He invites you to come.

Teresa R. Michieli
Outpouring Ministries
May 10, 2022