If everyone who is called by My name spreads the Love of Christ wherever they go, there will be a canopy of Love all across this land so strong that no power of darkness can penetrate it.

This Love Canopy would cover the earth and block out the enemy’s attempts to destroy My Kingdom that is here on earth.  My children can forge this canopy of 24/7 protection.  This dispensation of time is a season of warfare, yes!  It is also a season of the Love of Christ to be spread abroad by My Vessels of Love.

I have shown My Love to you, so you, in return, should be showing this Love to all the Lost and dying souls that are being gathered together for the harvest.  At hand, this harvest is one of True Agape Love, and it is a harvest that the throes of darkness cannot stop.  Yes, evil does and will abound all across this land, but My Love transcends all hate.

Where there is true agape Love, hate has no foothold.  Hatred is no match for Love.

Everyone will know that I am a Father of Love, compassion, and grace when all is said and done.  It is this Love that will draw the sinners to the Cross.

The hatred being spewed all across the land in one form or the other is not from My Heavenly realm, and My church should not have any part in it.  I have given you a commandment in My Word to Love one another. 

Jesus said the second greatest command, which is like the first, is to love others, and the measure by which we are to love them is as much as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). It is impossible to genuinely love the Lord without loving other people, for the desire within God’s heart is to love others: “Dear friends, let us love one another, for Love comes from God.

The goal of God’s Love is to have us with Him throughout eternity. He made this goal possible through Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross.  May each of God’s true children take part in spreading this canopy of Love all across this land.