Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday evening teaching Kathy Walters Caught Away

I want to pour more of Me into each one of you tonight. I am now going in to the inner most part of My bosom and I am pouring that into you. Not everybody can come into that part of My bosom. They have not paid the price. They have not shown themself trustworthy to carry that kind of an anointing. But children, I call you up into that place of My bosom tonight. Right now, quit seeking and just receive that special reserved place that I have you in My bosom. I do not want you to dream about going to Heaven, I want you to know that you came up into My Heavenly realm and you did fellowship with Me and those who are in the Heavenly realm.

God’s telling me that some of you after tonight, you’re going to know that you had an encounter with God tonight. There are certain things that’s going to quicken your spiritman that never quickened your spiritman before.