Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday evening teaching How can we Limit the Unlimited Power of God

Word #1

It’s us that keep ourselves bound up because the enemy has no power or authority over us, does he? So then, he can’t bind us, right? So somewhere along the line, we’re missing that secret ingredient that allows the enemy to keep us bound. I’m hearing God say there’s so much more I’d like to say but you really are not ready to receive it right now. There’s so much in the richness of My Glory that I want to give you, but you’re not ready to receive that yet either.

But I am going to bust open wide the gates of Heaven, and I am going to pour Myself out upon you, and I am going to send you forth for the harvest and while you’re doing the harvest, then I can give you all the deepness of Myself that I so desire to give you. It’s at that point you’ll have your eyes off of yourself and off of man, and you’ll have your eyes upon Me and what I’m doing with you. And then I can work in you and through you.

So many of you are constantly crying out to Me asking Me “God, what are You going to do, what are You going to do, what are You going to do?” And you already know what I’m going to do. I need the harvest brought in. And when you get your eyes off of what am I going to do and place them on the harvest, it’s at that point that you are free and I can give you all that you need for this end time hour.

Word #2

Many people are going to offend you from now until eternity. Don’t pick up the offense. Disregard it. Understand that they have allowed the enemy to come into their lives to use them to offend you to cause you to lose your walk with God. Just do what you should do and quit allowing the enemy to dictate how you should walk your life. God is say we’re all vulnerable for offenses. Every one of us can be offended if we allow it to happen.

You’re going to have to learn how to forgive quickly, like instantly, and then walk on or the enemy is going to have you. I’m hearing God say there is a great uproar in Heaven. The Angelic forces are in arms over what the enemy is doing in the camps of God, and God has to move, and He has to destroy the kingdom of darkness in the Houses of God so He can bring the harvest into the house. If any of you lack love tonight, love of self, or even love for others, God wants to set you free from that. If you have unforgiveness in your heart, God wants to set you free from that.