Prophecies that occurred during the Wednesday evening teaching Miracles in the Living Water

Word #1

God said He wants you to loose all of your expectations out of your mind, just get rid of them, and He said I just want you to come to Me with a clean heart and a clean mind. And allow Me to be the one to lead, guide, and direct you in this new dispensation that your are in. I am no longer calling you to walk along the river bank, I’m calling you to get in the waters that are too deep to swim in. And I’m calling you not to look around about you, but I’m calling you just to go forth in My might and in My power, and accomplish all that I’ve called you forth to accomplish in this lifetime.

God is saying many are going to go along the wayside yet , but don’t you be one of those. Don’t you be one of those who stay in the slums and in the slum of discouragement and saying you can’t make it, because if you couldn’t make it, I would have told you so a long time ago. I am tugging at your heart strings in a different way tonight. I am tugging at the heart deeper than I’ve ever tugged at it before.

I am trying to get deeper into your heart so that the enemy no longer has a sway upon your mind, you will, or your emotions. I’m asking you to come deeper into the water tonight so that I can truly send you forth. And whatever you encounter will not stop you ever again, because you know that you know that I have sent you out among the wolves; but I will also keep you while you’re out there.

Word #2

You really don’t know My compassion to it’s fullness. If you did, you would be more compassionate to others. You really don’t know what I’m going to do with you. You don’t even have an inkling of what I’m going to do with you or you wouldn’t be wondering what I’m going to be doing with you. You would be at peace in your walk with Me, and you would just flow along with the waters and allow Me to do whatever I want to do.