Prophecies that occurred during the Wednesday Evening teaching entitled “Miracles”

Word #1

Children, you must understand that the more that you are seeking miracles, the more the enemy is going to fight you to make you believe there is no such thing as My miracle working power. So I am advising you this night to adjust the way you think about miracles. I want you to understand that you don’t have to see somebody dying before you can believe for a miracle. If you will get up each and every day and say God whoever needs the miracle today, let it progress, let them receive that miracle in their bodies or whatever it is God that they may need.

You see Children, you’re all looking for somebody that’s down and out, somebody who is sick and needs a miracle. There are many, many miracles that I can perform each and every day in each and every life. And I want you to start walking in this new formula for miracles. Seek My face continually. Ask Me how shall I pray today, Lord? What is it that You want to do today? And that opens the door, little ones for Me to go head and move in the miracle working power that is needed all throughout this land. There are many many miracles going on right now, but there are so many more that I want to perform.

These miracles that are going on right now are going unnoticed because people are not understanding what a miracle really is. But you My children, you will go forth with direct communication from your Father and I will teach you what a miracle really is and then you will know how to proceed from that point onward. Do not be discouraged or even disgusted whenever you think that I should move and I don’t. I know exactly what to do and when to do and how to do, and I know exactly the battle that’s going on in each and every person’s life that you don’t see or don’t know.

So just stand in faith little ones. Walk in the miracle working power expecting Me to move in any area of anyone’s life at any given time.

Word #2

I need each and every one of you tonight to understand that I have endued you with special power from on high. The miracles are in your hands. The miracles are on your lips, just let your faith arise and just do what My Word tells you that you can do. All things are possible children, all things are possible. I am a miracle working God and I have transferred that power into each one of you tonight. No doubt. You cannot have any doubt. You cannot waiver. You have to walk in pure unadulterated faith, just knowing that I am. Just knowing that I’ll do.

As Peter walked down the street, his shadow healed the people, pieces of cloth from his body had power to heal the people. You have the same power. You have the same authority. Your shadow will do the same thing. Trust Me and believe. That’s all I ask, and I will do the rest. If you need to send the angels across the states to touch somebody, ask them send them, and so it shall be. Whatever you ask shall receive not wavering, perfect faith.

It is finished tonight. I have closed the door on this chapter of your life because I have endowed you with all power and all authority to go forth and do this works for Me. So many sicknesses in this world. I just need your faith. Speak the word and watch Me stop the sicknesses.

It’s going to take the miracles to bring the harvest in little ones. The harvest is not going to come in without the miracles because the lost and the dying have lost all hope and they need a supernatural charge to make them believe.

(Closing prayer)

Father I thank you, and I praise you for what you did here tonight. For commissioning us to go forth in signs, wonders, and miracles and Father God, I know I speak for everybody in this room we truly do receive your words tonight. We receive the anointing. We even receive the closed door in this chapter of our life, that it’s sealed, and the enemy can’t steal the miracle working power that you bestowed upon us this night. and that we can go forth and works signs, wonders, and miracles just because you’ve closed it into us. And by the Blood of Jesus every sickness was sealed on that Cross. Jesus did it all, all we have to do is go forth with signs, wonders, and miracles following.

I just see, with the door that God said He closed, He anointed us with that anointing, and that He closed that door so the enemy can’t steal it. So we have the power to go forth and do what He’s commissioned us to do. I am hearing God say the only thing that’s going to open that door is doubt, and when the door is open with doubt, the anointing wanes.