Prophetic word from the Wednesday evening teaching Enter In

Children enter into the fullness of all that I have for you.  Be afraid no longer that you have missed Me; for I have purged out all the leaven and the loaf is now totally whole.

More yet to come! So much more yet to come and there is liberty in what is to come.  There is liberty to step into the fullness of time and go forth and do great and mighty exploits for Me.

{Galatians 4:4-5} {Ephesians 1:7-10}

The strong willed I have removed!  Why?  You ask.  Because they would not allow Me to purge the leaven out. 

They hold onto their flesh and want to be in control.  This cannot be in My Kingdom.  This taints the moving of My Spirit and causes the Glory to wane.

Everlasting after everlasting will be the cry of My people.  I go from everlasting to everlasting and I faint not.  I am always on the move and I know exactly what needs to be accomplished at any given second.  {Psalm 103:17}

You cannot be a wayward child and handle My Glory.  My Glory is tangible. My Glory is all around and My Glory fills the temples of the holy ones.  The righteous ones and the upright in heart.  {Psalm 119:7}

Touch not My anointed My Word proclaims. Do you know how many just pass over that part of My Word and they touch My anointed ones continually.  They have no inclination of what they have done when they speak about My anointed ones.  But they shall know, when I strip them of My Glory, and they are standing naked before the Throne of Grace. 

Did I not say: you be who you are and do what I have called you forth to do and let the others alone?  Yes and an astounding yes, I spoke those words and they are yes and they are amen.  {Psalm 105:15}

Let men speak all manner of evil against you.  Carry your cross well. Carry your cross as My Son Jesus did. Take the blunt of their sarcasm, knowing that My Son had to do the very same thing. {Luke 9:23-26}

There are many roads you will have to travel before your journey ends; but if you keep your eyes on the prize of the high calling, you will not be swayed by the things around about you.

{Philippians 3:14}

You are My chosen vessels of honor that I have been working with for over a decade now and as I said before, you have passed every test and you have come forth as pure shining gold out of the furnace of affliction.

No more wondering what I am doing! you will know what I am doing and you will know every outcome, for you will be seated with Me in Heavenly places being given divine orders as to how the plan is being played out. {Ephesians 2:6}

All of humanity has been waiting for this hour and dispensation of time.  They have been crying out when Lord! When! 

I have had My hands of protection upon each and everyone of you, and I have kept you from death many times, and now is your time of complete infilling of all that I am. {Colossians 2:10}

You will need this infilling to go forth to conquer on all sides. 

You are the apple of My eye. 

You are My sought out true warriors that will war with a fierceness never seen in the annuals of church history.  You will be unstoppable and you will conquer on the right and on the left. 

{Romans 8:35-37}

My angelic host will come to your aid always.  In fact, each has been assigned angels to be at your beck and call continually.

Psalm 91:11-12 (MSG)
11 He ordered His angels to guard you wherever you go.
12 If you stumble, they’ll catch you; their job is to keep you from falling.

These angels are the elite of Heaven. They know exactly how to fight the demonic kingdom and win.  They have been trained in victory warfare and they go forth to conquer; not to be conquered.

A vast sea of faces are before you.  These faces are the ones crying out in the wilderness.  They do not know Me, but they are looking for Me.  You will bring them to the forefront and you will teach them of My ways.

Children, since when did I ever tell you that you were finished?  The enemy speaks those words, but I do not.  You are not finished; in fact, you are just beginning. 

The road is paved before you.  This road is the victory, conquering road that will bring in this great harvest of souls.

I want you to bypass your brain and go straight into Heavenly places, and allow Me to download all that you have need of in this hour.

For as I said before, you have not gone this way before.

Do you understand what is ahead? 

Do you even comprehend the importance of what lies ahead? 

Miracles! That is what is lying ahead.  Pure unadulterated miracles that will turn this world upside down. 

These miracles will raise the dead. They will empty out the hospital rooms. They will restore limbs. They will restore minds that the enemy and his drugs has destroyed. 

Every thing imaginable is in this miracle crusade you have already entered into.

Bask in the knowledge that you are {in} the move, not waiting for the move to happen.

Jump on board and allow Me to show you the extent of the miraculous. 

No more will the enemy have the lead.  He will be behind eating the dust of your shoes.

He will be screaming No! No! No!

But he will not be able to stop you.

You see, he just knew he had you. 

He just knew there was no way for you to return home to your Father who loves you. 

He just knew that he knew. 

But, I am a loving, grace filled Father that forgives all who come unto Me with a repentive heart.

You are not on the road to recovery; you are already recovered from hell and the grave.  The enemy has absolutely no more part of you. 

You have been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb and you can go forth victoriously on all sides and minister to the lost and dying from a perfect place of total victory.

You have been resurrected from death to life and the life-giving Blood is in your veins and you can go forth and see salvations on all sides.  {John 5:24-25}

The enemy is no longer in control of the harvest; for the bondage of sin has been broken and all can come forth into everlasting freedom in Christ Jesus.  {Isaiah 61:1}

My Son Jesus proclaimed {It is finished} {death, hell, and the grave have been conquered}.

Children stand up! Shake yourselves!  Now go forth unhindered into the harvest field.  Carry the miraculous with you at all times.  Never once give into doubt and unbelief. 

If I said it, I will do it. {Just believe!}

This is not an unattainable task.  The great I am is sending you forth with power and authority to bring forth the lost at all cost and produce great signs and wonders.  Give room for your gifts to flow.  Do not hinder the flow with your flesh. Keep your flesh under subjection at all times.

Enter into the fullness of time!

Remember The Great I am is with you and {all} things are possible to those who believe.