Let by gones be by gones and move on.  You cannot restore anything that is already done. Make it a new day and go forth undaunted by what you lost, didn’t accomplish, or what you thought you should have received and did not.

SMILE! It will make your day go better.  Do not think on the negative, look on the positive side and you will come out the winner every time.

Come on, lets march to My drum beat and let us be about the Father’s business.  I am able to keep you so busy you can’t think about the yesterdays.   I LOVE YOU, move on, you are able.

Isaiah 52:1 (ETRV)
1 Wake up! Wake up! Zion,♦ clothe yourself with strength. Holy city of Jerusalem, stand up and put on your beautiful clothes! Those filthy foreigners will not enter you again.