Prophecies that occurred during the Wednesday evening teaching God is Good

Word #1

You have to ask yourself that question, “Why do I keep turning to the lustful things of the world? Why isn’t I can’t step forward and stay walking forward? Why is it I keep going backwards? I’m hearing God say “One of these days, that backward trip you take will be your last backward trip and you will no longer be able to enter into the Gates of Heaven. He said I have shown you mercy and grace and now I’m telling you to walk forward and quit walking backwards.”

Word #2

Because of the way I was raised I promised God that if I ever get married, if I ever have children, they’ll never know what it is to live the way I’ve lived and they never did. They were raised in a good Godly home; there wasn’t any fighting and carrying on and they knew what love was all about.

How did you raise your kids? So you were raised bad so you just said “Well this is just the way that life is so I’m raising my kids like that” So wrong.

And you women who think you need to hang onto a man, you don’t. If you don’t have a man that loves you, you’re better off without him, because God will give you that love. And that man that doesn’t love you, you’re so busy trying to get his attention and his love that he’ll take your eyes right off of God. And I’m also hearing God say “This is the time the rubber meets the road and He’s not going to put up with anymore foolishness. It’s either Him or nothing. It’s either God or nothing.

Word #3

The altar is open for two things. For God to reveal to you the depth of His Love (because you don’t know the depth of God’s Love). Remember when I was first born again, I went to a prayer meeting and this guy came over crying to me, and he said “Barbara, do you know how much God loves you?”, and very cocky I said “ Of course I do”, and he came over to me crying and he said “No you don’t… but one day you will know.” And I do know. I just thought I knew, and I think a lot of you are in the same shoes that I was in at that point you say “I know God loves me.”, but you really don’t know the depth of that love; and what God wants to do tonight is He wants to show you the depth of that love. And He wants to show you the depth of His goodness in your life, so if you want that touch from God, the altar is open.

Word #4

My children, My Love goes from everlasting to everlasting. It never wanes. Never. It does not matter where you’re at or what you are doing. My Love never wanes. I am your Father and I love each one of you. When I placed you in your mother’s womb, it was for a purpose. I just didn’t do it will-nilly. I don’t care how you were born, I placed you in that womb. I love you. I want to strengthen you with that love. I want you to understand how good I am. I want you to understand that My Son died on that Cross for you because we love you.

My Holy Spirit came to lead, guide, and direct you in the path that you should go not the path that you wanted to go because we love you. We are the Godhead. We watch over you. You are like fragile flowers; the seed has been planted and we have watched you grow to full bloom and now, you need to understand that Love and that goodness. You need to understand where it will take you and what it will do to others. Just a hug. Just a “Hi”. Just a gentle touch and My Love will pour from you into them and it will cause them to know the God that you serve.

You can’t be brassy and loud. You have to walk quietly and you have to allow My anointing to pour out of you. I am the Great I AM and there is none other like Me in all this earth. I formed all things. I created all things and you are one of My creation. And I call you Beloved. I will always call you Beloved no matter where you go or where you end up at I will always call you My Beloved one. You see as I said in the beginning, My Love never wanes. My Love is full blown Love. It is not lust, it is Love. I created this earth with Love. Oh, I desire that you have so much more than what you have. I desire that you live close to the flame 24/7. I so desire that you look up with tears streaming down you face saying I love you Father. I love you with an everlasting Love, but that’s not what I see. I see ridicule and blame. I see a sin nature, and I want to change that this night. As you lay before Me I want to change you from the inside out. I want to rearrange and I want you to become the man or woman of God that I have created you to be.

Aren’t you tired of what you created? Don’t you desire My creation in you? Look up to Me this night. Let My Love pour out upon you, and then you will say God is good. It doesn’t matter if you are in the valley or the mountain top. You will say that God is good and you will know that you are loved. It won’t be a fake love, you will know that you are loved.

I spoke of the days when the hate would cover the land and it’s here. And I spoke and told you that your light of love would dispel this hate. And this is what needs to be done at this given hour. The love in My houses must dispel that hate that permeates the world.

Children, you are at the end times. You are paving the way for the Second Coming of My Son Jesus. All this must take place, but I need you to go forth with My Love and I need you to save a lost and a dying generation.

Word #5

I’m hearing God say that this is turn around time, like Peter when he denied Christ, and then he wept and he followed Jesus and died for Him and this is where the Body of Christ is at. For a season the Body of Christ has been denying Christ, but now it’s time. Like Peter, we weep and we repent, truly repent and then go forth and win the lost at any cost.

Word #6

There’s a whole lot of changes that’s going to take place here in the next few months and even in the other churches and you have to know how much God loves you. You have to know of His goodness if you’re going to stay the course.