Prophecies that occurred during the Wednesday evening teaching Righteous Judges Come Forth

Word #1

Church, we have to become the church. We have to become the light and I remember everyday when I heard God say if you don’t live it, don’t stand up here and teach it because you’re teaching a lie. Are you listening here? And if you’re judging don’t stand up here and teach about judging because God’s going to judge you for what you’re doing. I’m hearing God say there is too much pettiness in the Body of Christ; too many not looking at their own self, but looking at everything around about them; and you need to start looking inside and let God take care of what’s going on around about.

Word #2

We need to be vessels of honor that God can use as mouthpieces to speak what He is speaking and to see His works come to pass. You know, people are messed up out there, are they not? And now, we have pastors fighting among themselves and saying dumb things to cause confusion. I’m just hearing God say: Where is all this wickedness coming from? And I’m hearing Him say: From within. Why is it from within? It’s because we are judging you know; we are backbiting. Instead of being a hospital that heals, we are a hospital that kills.

I’m hearing God say: This is vitally important that you get this tonight because this is another thing that He’s trying to get us cleaned up with so that He can use us as judges; as righteous judges.

Word #3

I’m just hearing God say: If you will seek My face diligently from this night forth, quit asking for things that you need and just seek My face diligently for what I want to do through you, I will take care of your needs as you work for Me.