Prophecy that occurred during the Sunday evening Worship Service Willing and Obedient

Word #1

The joy of the Lord is your strength. My children, the joy of the Lord is your strength, Take My hand right now. Receive My joy. Let it sink deep into your spirit. This joy will see you through the next two weeks. Much chaos and tribulation will be all over the land, but as you hold onto this joy that I am giving you right now, it will not take you asunder, but you will be witnesses unto Me throughout this land.

The peoples will come to you and ask you how you can be so joyful? But I say unto you I am a God of plenty. I am a God of more than enough and I meet every one of your needs. You will not stumble your toe in the next two weeks because I am grounding you into My rock this night. You shall be rooted and grounded in Me and the waves of adversity that are coming will not move you.

I am still in control. I am still doing My will My way. Do not be caught up in the turbulence but stay calm. Stand in perfect peace and stay in My joy. Trials and tribulations all over. But you, you will be the peacemakers that I am going to use to bring peace to a troubled land.

You cannot escape what is going on around you but you can be a witness for Me while the trouble is going on. You don’t have to be a partaker of the worldy ways. Stay in My peace, keep My joy, and march on.

Word #2

My Children I tell you, you are true warriors of the Cross. In no way can the enemy take you down. You will stand and face Goliath and you will have the victory. This is your hour to shine. This is your day of Resurrection Power. Hold tight. Hold tight to My joy. Watch and see what I am about to accomplish throughout this land.

I am the Great I AM and I am with you all the way.