New Years Eve Greetings to the Lighthouse Church Members,

There will be no Wednesday Night Service on Wednesday December 30, 2020.

Please be advised that we will be holding our annual New Years Eve dinner at the Lighthouse Church. The service will start at 10:00 pm with dining first. Then at 11:00 pm we will begin the service that will last until 11:45 pm. At that time, we will get ready for the countdown for the New Year.

I would like to let you know that the dress is casual, and the coordinating committee thought it would be fun if the peoples wore {ugly sweaters and ugly T shirts.} Please use discernment in your choice of sweaters or t shirts remembering it is God’s house and not the street.

I am anticipating a really happy New Years Service with an abundance of Joy emanating forth from God’s people. Remember we want to leave negative behind us and enter into the New Year full of the Positive Joy of the Lord.

In anticipation of the New Years Eve celebration there will be no Services on Wednesday December 30, 2020.

Until I see you Thursday evening,
Love and Best Wishes for a Very Happy New Year

Pastor Barbara Lynch