Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning worship service Ever Increasing Faith

Word #1

I’m hearing God say some of you are looking for houses this year and the reason why you don’t have one is because your faith is not really there believing that He can get the house for you and He can make a way to pay for the house. That you’re too engrossed in “what ifs”‘. So if that’s you, you have to get out of “what if” I buy a house and then I can’t pay for it? If you’re listening to God and you’re having faith in God, He will lead and guide and direct you in the direction you should go to get this home, but you’re going to have to build up your faith.

What are you going to do, build up your faith to get your house and say “Well that was good.” and then let it wain? But that’s what happens in the House of God. People get what they believe for and they just quit having faith and they start walking in the flesh. God wants everyone of us to walk totally and completely by faith. Nothing else is going to satisfy God except faith. We’re going to leave the old year behind and we’re going to leave all the junk we used to think about behind and we’re going to walk by faith trusting and believing everything that God has spoken to us is truly going to come to pass.

Word #2

What He wants to do this morning is He wants to anoint you with an anointing that will cause you to believe and continue to believe, and your faith will start increasing and it will not decrease.