Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday evening worship service Don’t Poison Your Joy

Word #1

God is saying He doesn’t want you to dismiss anything in your life. In other words, if there is something you are doing that you know you shouldn’t be doing, don’t sluff it off, but take it to God very seriously and allow Him to change you.

Word #2

I hope and I pray that every one of us in here including me in this room take this very serious tonight so that when we go into the new year we go in there with joy that is not poisoned because we don’t know how to tame our tongue.

God is saying to me right now He wants to remove and empty out every negative thing that’s in your mind tonight. And He’s saying He will restore your mind to wholeness tonight and then you’re going to have to keep it whole and the way you’re going to keep it whole is by watching what you speak and think. As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is; isn’t that what the Word says?

Word #3

My children, peace like a river I give to you this night. My peace floods your soul. I’m asking you right now to dive into that river of peace and stay there. Do not allow the enemy to come against you. Do not allow the enemy to steal, kill, or destroy one more second. Keep your mind stayed upon Me. Keep your heart open to receive all that I want to place there; never once wandering away from Me. You have asked for the miraculous and I’m going to use you. I’m going to move you along that stream of water and you will bring many in and baptize them in My peace. Take no thought for tomorrow for I am with you always. I will direct your footsteps everyday if you ask Me to. Teach My Word, teach holiness, teach purity of heart, teach righteousness. Teach repentance, but teach My people about My love for them. Love them as I have loved you and go forth undaunted by the cares of this world and just trust Me.

Word #4

Some of you in here tonight, God’s been dealing with you for quite some time to get your life together but so far you’ve been playing around the fire and God said you have to get it together tonight. You have to stop one day up and one day down. Get it together and stay there.