Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning worship service True Joy

Word #1

You have to stop and think why do I act the way I act? Am I really connected with God deep down inside? And do I really look to Him as my source for all things? I’m hearing God say this is a heartfelt season and you really need to search your inner self to see where you’re really at in this timeframe of your walk with Him.

Too many of us are looking around about us and wanting somebody to do something for us and that’s causing us to dwell on our own selves and we never see the hurt that somebody else has because we’re so wounded and rejected. But if we truly give ourselves to God, we won’t go down that road.

Word #2

It doesn’t matter what you’re going through, if you have God deep down inside and you’re connected to Him, His joy will give you strength to go through the storms of life that have come your way. Why can’t we go through the storms? We don’t have God’s strength inside of us. I just hear God say we’ve become disconnected from Him and therefore He can’t send anything to us.

Word #3

I so desire that each one of you get a whole new view of your walk with God this morning. Alright so, we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus but how are you living? Are you celebrating inside everyday that Jesus is your strength and He’s your joy? You know this outward thing we do about celebrating Jesus’ birthday means nothing unless we’re celebrating Him inside every day of the year. God’s a little bit upset with us celebrating the birthday of His Son because we don’t really mean what we’re doing, it’s just become a routine and we really don’t have God down inside of us I’m hearing Him say “embedded down inside of us” and therefore what we’re doing means nothing it’s just a thing we do. God wants this year to be different. He wants you to understand who Jesus really is; what He really did, and where He’s really at. And He’s asking you is He inside of you? Is He the first thing you think of in the morning?

Word #4

Is the joy of the Lord really your strength, in other words do you have God so embedded in you that it doesn’t matter what Satan throws your way you’re going to rejoice anyway? Think. I’m hearing God say think outside the box. Think about what Jesus did for you on the Cross.

Word #5

This morning, God wants you all to make a covenant with Him that you will embed Him within you and it’s just not going to be something on the surface but it’s going to come from deep inside of you and you will have true joy and you will take joy to a lost and a dying world. There is no joy out there. There isn’t. You are the only joy that they are going to see, and you are the ones that are supposed to transform them and lead them to Christ, but you can’t do it just on the surface it has to come from deep within you in order for it to work.

Word #6

How many of you in here this morning are sick and tired of the devil telling you what to do? How many of you are tired enough to say now “God I want Jesus Christ embedded so deep within me that nothing can take Him out of me ever again- and I want to walk in the true joy of the Lord? If that’s you, you can get up here, and God’s gonna put I’m hearing Him say a strength in you where the enemy’s not going to be able to toss you to and fro as he has been.