Prophecies the occurred during the Sunday evening worship service Fresh Rivers of Love

Word #1

Are you in that place where you’ll be able to love no matter what people do to you? I’m hearing God say this is a strong wave of love that’s going to invade the atmosphere and fall into the church and those who won’t love will be destroyed by the weight of God’s love that’s going to fall into the sanctuaries.

Word #2

You guys in here, God showed me you come into this church and you don’t really come in for the right reasons. You just come and God doesn’t want that no more. He either wants you to serve Him with all of your heart or don’t serve Him at all. You’re right on the very tip of the iceberg of being thrown straight into hell and you’re playing games with God and God is finished with that, and you in here that are in positions in the church, you think you can walk around in discord and disunity and hate. God said He’s not tolerating that no more. He’s getting ready to separate and divide and you’re not going to like the things that He’s going to do. If you don’t choose love, then you’ve chosen the things of the world and God has no part of you and His Word even tells you that.

God is very serious with this tonight because He’s always said He wanted The Lighthouse to be a house of love and a hospital that heals, doesn’t wound, and by coming in here and carrying your hate and your disunity and strife, it’s not healing anybody and you just bring those spirits of darkness with you.

Word #3

God is saying with some of you it’s going to be a long road of recovery. In other words, it’s not going to happen overnight, its’ going to be something you’re going to have to work with day after day as God fixes you and brings you forth into the fullness of who He really wants you to be. There’s not a one of us in here including me that has not been broken. You know we’ve all been broken and God has had to fix us all.