Father, is your son President Donald J Trump losing heart also – they say he said he would run in 2024?

Daughter one lie after another is being spoken into the atmosphere and those who do not have ears to hear are believing every lie.

If you were in My son’s shoes, would you tend to be discouraged? Yes, you would. He is only human little one, but he grabs himself, shakes himself and keeps on going. He will withstand this torrent of lies and accusations and he will uphold the office of President through another four years and he will establish truth in the Whitehouse like never before. He knows that when he keeps the seat in the office of President that the enemy will try to assassinate him. He knows hate after hate will be thrown at him, but he has determined to fulfill his calling. He is definitely an encourager and the enemy does not want America to be discouraged.

Daughter, the enemy is not finished with My son. He will harass like you have never seen, but My son will stay the course at all cost. His family has gathered around him and they are going to stay the course with him. They are fully aware of what they will have to endure, but they have decided to STAND!