Prophetic word from the Sunday morning teaching Three Fold Blessing

There is a three-fold blessing headed for My church. Every blessing and I mean every blessing of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is going to land upon My church at this given hour and all will see that I am for My church and not against it. The enemy’s scheme has been thwarted and he cannot carry out his evil plans to destroy. 

Yes, I certainly have been shaking every thing that can be shaken; but on the other hand I have also been building up My holy people and they shall stand at the gates and they shall proclaim victory on all sides. This is not the time for the church to back off, this is the opposite time. 

They need to move forward as never before. 

They need to allow their faith to blossom on all sides. 

They need to believe every word in My Word and not allow the enemy anymore room for compromise. 

This is a crucial hour for every believer – either you believe, or you don’t.  Let faith arise and let faith have her perfect works. 

Faith will see you through every storm of life and faith will bring you through every miracle that I provide. 

It is all about faith!

Where do we go from here? It is entirely up to you.  I have made a way in the wilderness and I have invited you into the promised land. The very next step is yours. 

Are you going to compromise your walk or are you going to lay aside everything that so easily besets you and walk in pure unadulterated faith

You see, church, every decision belongs to you.

Mercy! You will find My mercy at every juncture in the road.  I am sending forth mercy like never before.  You will need this mercy to funnel your way through the muck and mire of this dark age.

I am calling you to be stewards of My mercy. You will be mercy carriers to this new generation that I am bringing to the forefront. You will show them mercy just as I showed you mercy and you will lead them by the streams of living water.

My living waters will abound within each of you that are going forth to proclaim the Gospel of truth to a lost and dying church. The living streams that were feeding these churches have dried up and no longer produce warriors for the Cross – instead, they bring forth dry dead bones.

I am electrifying the river this day and it is teeming with My anointing to destroy demonic strongholds. 

Come to the river and receive this abundance of anointing that you need to free the captives.