Prophetic word from the Sunday morning worship service God’s Eagle Force is Ready to Land

Word #1

God said, If people want to know if they’re filled with the Spirit, you know, if you’re born again and received Jesus you’re supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues; now, a lot of people speak in tongues but don’t walk in the Spirit so God said they have not received Me. Eye opener? They speak in tongues but they don’t walk in the Spirit. So therefore, they never received Christ as their Lord and Savior. They said it with their mouth but they never received it in their heart

See, if you’re really thinking about God to really reveal truths to you, He’ll just start talking to you at the oddest times, you know, and He’ll just reveal all kinds of stuff to you. So if you’re not hearing from God, it’s because you have not really surrendered to God and you have really not asked Him to speak to you at any given moment you haven’t yielded yourself to Him.

Word #2

God’s been saying He’s been soaring and He’s been getting things ready, but now He’s getting ready to land to devour the enemy and He wants each one of you to make sure in your heart that you are ready to land with Him and destroy the enemy’s camp at every turn. You need to first of all start in your own life and then as you get yourself straightened out, then God will spread you out to others. And I’m just hearing God say some of you are very week in your commitment to Him, every little thing that comes down the pike throws you off course. Anytime the devil nudges you to get back in your sin, you willingly accept that nudge and go back into your sin and God said that can’t be any longer if you’re going to be part of this Eagle Force. You have to shun all manner of evil and you have to start yielding yourself to God and obeying God at every turn.

Word #3

Some of you sitting in here tonight listening to me: you still have not really surrendered yourself to Christ. You’re still holding onto things that are going to take you totally and completely out of God’s hand.

God has already told us that we were going to do things that we have never seen before and He’s told us that we have to yield totally and completely 100 percent to Him in order for Him to use us as this young man described. As I was watching this, God said if you really truly want your gift to start manifesting then you can come to the altar tonight. He’s going to touch you and your gifting is going to increase and multiply until everything He’s ever spoken in your life will manifest itself.

You know some of you keep saying ‘Well God’s when’s this gonna happen, when’s this gonna happen? And God said when you’re ready. When you’re ready it will start manifesting. And tonight, you’re telling God you’re ready and you want to start manifesting. Receive everything He wants to give you tonight.

Don’t play games with God tonight. What do you want your file cabinet to look like?

Word #4

You know, this young man said everybody needs to start hearing God for themselves and God’s been trying to get you to do this for years. You are always wanting a prophetic word- what you need to do is stand before the Father and let Him give you the word personally. You and Him only.

Instead of you always wanting a word from somebody else you need to get the word directly from God and you need to learn to build up your gifting of prophecy so God can use you to minister to those who don’t have that gift.

One thing that God spoke to me while that video was going on- He said: When I know I can trust them, then they will be sent forth to do a great and mighty works. You need to speak to the Father tonight and tell Him that He can trust you and when you say those words you are making a covenant with Him and He’s gonna hold you to that covenant.