Father, will you please speak to me about the election.

The election is going just as planned.  I am bringing the corruption to the light and I am exposing all that is underground.  The election will end soon, and you will see My son reside over this nation four more years.  I will use him to drain the swamp entirely and then I will raise up Godly men and woman that will seek My face and rule from My Kingdom.  DONALD J TRUMP IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT.  This is My mandate and no devil in hell can change My mandates. The man Biden will get his dues and he will not be happy.  The complete Democrat party will be brought out into the light and it will be judged very harshly.  I the Lord thy God have spoken and so shall it be.

The corruption in politics will end.  Greed and Power is what is working in the administration at this given moment, but all of that will be destroyed in a split second.