Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday morning worship service Dew and Rain

Word #1

God said you don’t understand the depth of where He has really taken us to so far.

Word #2

I’m hearing God say, All the struggles that you go through would not be there if you would just trust God in your heart, really trust Him in your heart and know that you know that you know that the enemy is finished. You would sluff off what is going on in your life because you know there’s no power and authority there for him to do this to you.

Word #3

I just heard God say, You have no power and authority because you don’t accept the power and authority when I say I am giving it to you. Sometimes your minds are so bombarded with the cares of the world you can’t really comprehend the truth of what God is saying to you to receive it at the altar.

You can’t sit in the House of God and have your mind wandering on what you’re going to have for dinner. You’re not going to receive from God that way. When you come into the House of God, your mind has to be stayed on Christ and Christ alone and then receive everything that He has for you.

If you didn’t receive it ( God’s Fire) in it’s fullness, all you have to do is repent. I’m hearing God say. Get alone and repent and then just tell Him please give me that baptism of fire so I can carry that fire wherever I go.

Word #4

I’m hearing God say, I am not an abstract God and what I say I mean.

See, all these things that God said He is freeing you from, did you really receive whatever you have need of? Because He said right now, this day, He’s here to do that.

Word #5

I’m hearing God say, Some of you have wayward children, and they need your love not your chastising.

Word #6

I’m hearing God say, Are you in the land of the living or are you in the land of the dead?

Sometimes things will be difficult but as you keep your eyes on Him He will remove all obstacles and you will be able to plunder the enemy’s goods- the enemy is not going to be able to stop you, because you have determined in your heart of hearts that you’re going to be the vessel of honor- God’s Bride- that He’s called you forth to be.

Word #7

Today God really wants to pour out the rain and the dew of His blessings upon you, and as you come to the altar, God wants you to receive the blessing of the rain and the dew to the magnitude that when you get up and leave this building, you will never again feel like you can’t make it; that your spiritman will be so refreshed and renewed that there won’t be any question in your mind whatsoever that you’ll never make it- that you’ll just know that you know in your heart that God has done a perfect work within you.

God is getting ready to pour this blessing out that you won’t be able to contain, and the world is truly going to be coming knocking down our doors and He knows that each one of you that went to the Marriage Supper the other service, He knows that you are ready, but He is saying you don’t. You have a few doubts, and as He pours His dew and rain upon you today, all that’s going to disappear, and you’re going to know that you’re God’s tower. You are His giant that He can send to minister to those who are lost and so undone.

Word #8

Many of you are sitting in here this morning and you don’t really know who you are in Christ. God wants to open up your spiritual mind, and He wants to let you see who you are in Christ. So just let Him do that to you right now. Let Him just open you up and let you see yourself as He sees you.